The MagVent MV-90 dryer vent is designed for times when the dryer venting needs to take a 90 degree turn through the floor, up to the ceiling, or to the side.

Features to start

Innovative Design

No More Crushed Dryer Vent Behind Your Dryer!

Easy Installation

Becasue the magnets do all the work lining up the venting from the back of the dryer to the wall it makes for easy installation.

Stocked Product

Due to it's popularity this is an item that we keep in stock at all times.

What Makes The MagVent MV-90 So Special?

Some dryer venting systems can be very difficult to hook up and still leave you enough room to get back out from behind the dryer. Many times we have had to put more dryer venting hose than we wanted to all because it was the only way to get everything hooked up, but the shorter your venting hose is with the fewest twists and turns the better for both performance and safety.

In the video above you can see the installation of the MV-90 MagVent being installed, what makes this unique is how you can offset yo the side for easy installation if you are going up through the ceiling or down through the floor. 

This is why MagVent has our vote as one of the best dryer venting products available today. It’s easy to install, has a straight hookup or 90-degree dryer hookup options, allows for very short dryer ducting runs behind the dryer which eliminates crushed hose, and makes it very easy to clean behind the dryer without the hassle of trying to disconnect and re-hookup the dryer to the ducting system

The MagVent MV-90 Makes Cleaning The Dryer Venting Easier

Our main business is dryer vent cleaning, and MagVent makes that service just a little easier. Whenever we can simply just pull the dryer away from the wall, perform our service and then just slide the dryer back into place we are extremely happy! 

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