Lint Alert

The Lint Alert is designed to make the homeowner aware that their dryer venting is getting dirty. Using an air switch the Lint Alert will show the dryer venting through a blockage indicator and sound an audible alarm when you are getting too dangerous areas.

Features to start

Innovative Design

No More Guessing When The Dryer Venting Needs To Be Cleaned

Easy Installation

Installation Is Very Easy, All That is A Screwdriver And A Clean Dryer Vent System

Stocked Product

Due to it's popularity this is an item that we keep in stock at all times.

Why You Should Consider A Lint Alert Dryer Safety Alarm

Every year thousands of home fires are started due to a plugged dryer vent system. Many new dryers are equipped with built-in airflow sensors to prevent the dryer from operating when the venting is plugged. 

Not all dryers will have this feature, especially older dryers, this is where the Lint Alert Dryer Safety System comes into play. 

This easy-to-install product has a tube that attaches to the dryer venting that pulls on an air switch to gauge the amount of airflow going through a clean dryer vent system, as the system gets dirty the gauge will go up until the venting is clogged enough to cause an audible alarm to go off informing the homeowner that they require service on the dryer vent system. 

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