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Top 10 reasons why your dryer is not working.
Why is dryer vent cleaning so important?

Getting Started...

Your dryer vent should be cleaned every year to two years, but it all depends on your setup, and how much laundry you do. If you have a large family and you do laundry everyday then you are going to need the vent cleaned more often. Also if you have a long dryer vent run to where it exhausts to the outside then again you would need your vent cleaned more often then if it was only a few feet.

  1. Longer than normal drying times.
  2. A sudden increase in energy bills.
  3. Overly hot vents or clothes.
  4. Burning smells originating from the dryer.
  5. Clothes with a musty odor after drying.

We are dryer vent cleaning experts, this is our specialty and not an add-on service. You will get video inspection proof of a clean system and we clean not only the vent but also the back of the dryer and down deep into the lint trap area. These steps are often missed by other companies that only clean the vent. In our opinion the job is only half done at this point.

If you neglect to clean the dryer venting you are setting yoursaelf up for increased cost due to longer drying times, increased wear and tear on your clothing, and worst of all you are putting the home in increased danger of a dry fire.

Dryer vent cleaning costs vary from company to company but the average cost if that is all they are doing runs between $130 & $250 dollars. 

Low end cleaning usually means only the vent is being cleaned from the outside and that’s it, high end cleaning would mean the dryer is being pulled away from the wall the the cleaning takes place both outside and inside. High end cleaning also includes cleaning the dryer it’s self.

Dryer venting should be straight as possible and a maximum length of 35′ over all. Every 45 degree elbow is equivalent to 5′ of straight pipe, so if you have three elbows on the system you have already put the same pressure on the venting as if you ran 15′.  If you run a 45 degree elbow it is equivalent to 2.5′ of straight pipe.