Natural Fabric Softener Dryer Sheets Foil Static BusterAre you looking for an all-natural fabric softener, it’s really easy to do and you can make it at home with products that you likely have already in your cupboard. All you need to do is add a quarter cup of baking soda or half a cup of white vinegar during the washing rinse cycle, by adding one of these two products your clothes will feel softer and look brighter without any other chemical product. (Just a word of caution, do not mix vinegar and bleach, It will create noxious fumes, It is also not recommended to use vinegar with front-loading washers as the acidic properties of the vinegar can deteriorate the rubber seal on the washer.)

For a really simple static cling remover, all you need to do is crumpled up some aluminum foil into a ball and throw it into the dryer. Three or four of these aluminum balls seem to work the best for removing static from your clothes. Each ball should be made with three or four square feet of aluminum foil, simply smash the aluminum into an approximate ball shape of 2 or 3 inches in diameter. Once you make a couple of these you just have to keep them close to your dryer and throw them in with the wet clothes for amazing results. 

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Here Is a Simple Homemade Natural Fabric Softener Dryer Sheet Recipe

Natural Fabric Softener Dryer sheetsThere are a number of homemade natural fabric softener dryer sheet recipes available online, this is the one that we have tried and really like:

You are going to need half a cup of white vinegar, 6-8 drops of essential oil of your choice, we really like the lavender or tea tree scents, Above 10 pieces of cloth that measure 4 in by 4 in oh, and a glass container with a tight sealing lid. Make it easy on yourself and get a container that has a very wide mouth opening that is easy to reach into. 

To put it all together all you need to do is fold the cloth up and place it in the container. In a separate bowl mix up your vinegar and essential oils. Pour enough of this mixture into your container until they completely cover the fabric. 

When you are ready to use a homemade dryer sheet, simply pull one of the Fabrics out of the container and wring it out well until it is simply damp and then toss it into the dryer with the rest of your wet clothes. When a load of laundry is complete take the piece of fabric and put it back into your container filled with vinegar and essential oils, Add more of your scented vinegar and oil mixture as required to keep the fabric covered. 

This method seems to work really well but keep in mind you’re going to always want to test a small piece of material to make sure that it doesn’t discolor your clothing. also even though this is an all-natural ingredient product you can still experience allergic reactions, so use caution if you’ve never tried this before.

Foil Covered Dryer BallsA lot of people link to combine the use of this all-natural dryer sheet and static remover with the use of dryer balls, check out the article in the link above for more information on dryer balls and if they work or not. We hope you enjoy this natural fabric softener recipe and static buster balls.

TIP: Try covering tennis balls with foil to create dryer balls with aluminum foil covering to further reduce static.